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Nepotism has been the talk of the town! Be it Politics, Business or the Film industry.
Family lineage most of the times takes over talent & competency. In a Democracy, one expects to get Equal Opportunities as enshrined in the Fundamental Rights of the Constitution but in reality there exist different Dynasties in different Arenas. Even though India is a Republic but in various political parties "Internal Democracy" is missing where family lineage is given upper hand over capability.


To fight this feudal & dynastic mindset, we have launched DYNASTY MUKT BHARAT.
This is a volunteer based citizen centric platform which will help similar thinking people to connect and work for those candidates who have NO POLITICAL BACKGROUND and who lack resources to fight big political families.
Afterall, the only way to fight these DYNASTIES is to FIGHT IT OUT IN 2019 GENERAL ELECTIONS.


We are here to Galvanise Volunteers who have No Political Background/ No Connection in Politics & to mobilise them to Contest against NAAMDARS across the political spectrum. If the person has been given a ticket only because of his PARIVAAR and not because of his PERFORMANCE, then the campaign will galvanise young volunteers in every constituency of Lok Sabha to support those candidates who come from NON DYNASTIC BACKGROUND.

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Shehzad Poonawalla

Shehzad Poonawalla

Shehzad Poonawalla is a prominent social activist and a civil rights activist. He has been in active politics for the last 15 years, he started at the young age of 17 despite having a non political background he rose up the ranks and went on to become the Secretary of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee. He started off by working in the students wing of Indian National Congress i.e. NSUI. He has always advocated for the cause of soldiers and true secularism. He has always shunned the politics of appeasement and dynasty. He was prominently recognised by the Prime Minister when he took on Rahul Gandhi & the Gandhi family and challenged their dynastic & feudal control over the party & asked for free & fair elections to be held within the Congress Party. He has been a prominent face on several TV Channels inc Times Now & Zee News. He anchored his own show Bhai vs Bhai & has been a prominent voice in Indian Politics especially on issues concerning youngsters. He is also an author, writer & columnist. He is currently penning his 1st book which will be out soon after the elections in May 2019.

Chaitanya Sharma

Chaitanya Sharma

Chaitanya Sharma is a new age Entrepreneur and a Social Activist with more than 7 years of experience in the IT Industry.

He has been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 2008 and was nominated by Microsoft as a Microsoft Certified Trainer - Regional Lead( New Delhi Region) for 4 consecutive years(2013-2017). He is the First Indian to represent India in the MCT- Regional Summit at the Microsoft HQ Redmond, Washington, United States.

Being a Technical Evangelist he also takes a keen interest in the area of Public Policy and Governance which stems from his formal education in the field of Public Administration.

He is a lead speaker at Electoral Education Forum-Gurgaon which is primarily entrusted with Voter awareness drives in Colleges and Universities of Haryana. Chaitanya has also been instrumental in organizing campaigns in support of girl child education, women safety and Swachh Bharat.

Vagisha Soni

Vagisha Soni

Vagisha Soni is the Founder and Director of DigiNextPro Solutions which powers the Citizen Centric Initiative - Dynasty Mukt Bharat.

She's a Professional Humanistic Astrologer, a Social Activist and a Social Media Influencer. She's a Google & Facebook Certified Digital Marketer. Her Master's Degree in Public Administration inspired her to take the cause of Merit, Transparency and Accountability among the Political Parties in India which is also the topic of her research.

She has also worked closely with the village panchayats for the cause of Women's Health & Hygiene.

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